What is Field Notes?

Field Notes is a touch-point for leadership , especially shepherds at Freedom Fellowship Church.  Each week, the sermon notes will be available for small group leaders as well as others to use for discussion, review and prayer.

Field Notes is also a new community where we can share our own stories, thoughts, convictions and comments about how the Lord is leading us.  Testimonies, prayers and encouragements will be the life-blood of this blog and everyone is encouraged to press in.

Welcome if you are apart of the the larger Body of Christ as well! Please pray with us for the Kingdom of God to come in our fellowship.

How to Get Emails When New Notes Are Added

You do this by simply entering your email address in the Get Updates via Email section, located in the right hand column, further down this page. When you hit the Sign me up! button, you will get an email asking you to confirm your new subscription.

Important: You must confirm your subscription (by clicking on a link in the confirmation email you receive) in order to complete the process and begin receiving future email notifications.

Note: If you experience any problems with this site, please contact James Steubing for assistance.  He can be reached at james@steubing.net or by phone at (210) 843-9975.