This past Sunday we took a look at the lack of commitment and half-heartedness that surrounds us in the church today.

– 90% of churches in the US have 350 people or less

That means that Freedom Fellowship falls in the top 10%.

Before you start to feel too good about yourself, I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret.

Big churches have more people, more staff, more facilities but what they don’t have is
greater commitment in the 3 most obvious and important areas:
– attendance
– service
– giving & tithing

The sickness that grows in an environment that is one part excitement, entertainment and stressless christianity is a false sense of security and purpose.

This has repeated throughout history from Genesis to Revelations:
– Adam & Eve = half-hearted in the garden
– Sons of Israel = selling out to idols they were supposed to to destroy
– Church of Revelations = “I have this against you…you have left your first love…you are lukewarm…you do the deeds you did at first.”

We can, if we will humble ourselves and pray, be the light and salt that this nation and world needs again.
Opening Scripture

Read Numbers 32:1-5

This is the Israelites who are about to enter the Promised Land.
The fulfillment of their destiny.

But, “they saw the land…”
They saw what was in the immediate. They lacked spiritual eyes to see the promise.

“it was indeed a place suitable for livestock.”
They saw that it was good enough, second best.

And they spoke to Moses.
Their plans were based in the flesh, based in the desire to settle for what was easy.


Their names expose their characters:
Reuben – “A son who sees,” lost his birthright because he was driven by lust
Gad – “seize a fortune with troops” or “mercenary,” he provided the first part for himself
Manasseh – “to forget or neglect,” he forgot the ways of his father Joseph, neglected the commandments of the Lord.

These are the traits of the half-hearted, “the middle-grounders.” (David Wilkerson)

– unstable as water, hot or cold, swift or stagnant
– never excelling but calculated and cautious
– carrying a Bible but neglecting the Word and prayer
– trusting their own choices instead of God
– forgetting the blessings and promises
– unwilling to let go of idols in the closets
– not willing to leave the middle ground

Number 32:7  Now why will you discourage the heart of the children of Israel from going over into the land which the Lord has given them?

The tragedy of half-heartedness…
– drains the life from a team
– discourages faith in God
– destines others to a will of disappointment and half-baked dreams

This is bigger than a church, this is about the body of Christ.

Read Deuteronomy 6:5
Luke 10:27
Matthew 22:37

Yet the most dawning words to the first century church were…
Revelations 2:4  You have left your first love.
Revelations 3:15-18  You are neither hot nor cold…you are lukewarm. You say, ‘I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing. You are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked.

The lesson is this… Beware of half-heartedness, stay clear of the lukewarm streams.

It is time for repentance and faith.

Salvation is leaving behind the idolatry and sin of the old life; that is conversion.