This week we continued with our discussion on prayer by talking about 4 reasons why it is hard to pray. We all know that prayer is valuable. James says that the heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much, yet prayerlessness is prevalent in so many lives today.

We pray out of habit at the dinner table or for a few minutes in the morning, but the heartfelt, continual prayer that James talked about is absent for so many people. The reasons abound, but here are four reasons why it is hard to pray:

1. A Lukewarm love for God: We have to deal with the fact that so many of our hearts have grown lukewarm in our love for Him. If we say we love Jesus, then why do we not want to spend time with him.

Revelation 2:2-4 – The church in Ephesus was doing everything right, but had let their love for Him become lukewarm.

A relationship with Jesus must cost you something, but the cost is so much less than the gain!

2. Messed up priorities: Our relationship with Jesus must come before anything. Prayer has to be a priority, and we will not pray regularly until we make it number one. Cut time out of something else in order to devote it to Jesus.

3. Settled into a lifestyle of not praying: Prayer is not about asking other people to pray, but consistently having a lifestyle of praying.

4. Don’t believe that prayer works for them: James 4:3 says that we don’t receive because we ask for what we want, not what God wants.

What is the response? We need to become a people of prayer. Rekindle your love for Him, reorganize your priorities, settle into a lifestyle of prayer and believe that God will do what He says.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Which of these 4 reasons applies best to you and your prayer life today?
  2. How can we practically make prayer our number one priority?

Use your time together to pray. Specifically, break up into small groups and ask people to pray for one another. This is a chance to practice praying “right then and there” instead of simply saying “I’ll be praying for you.”