Opening Scripture

Read 1 Samuel 17:24-29 (KJV)

This past Sunday we began with an illustration of David being confronting Goliath. David sees the fear in all of the Israelite soldiers; it’s so thick you can smell it. Even though the leaders of Israel didn’t step up, David realized there was a greater cause to fight.

David saw what everyone else did not. There was a greater cause, a greater battle, that had to be fought. 1 Samuel 17:27 The people answered him in accord with this word, saying, “Thus it will be done for the man who kills him. He saw a way to true freedom.

In Ephesians we learned that there is a progression of grace.
Grace given results in salvation.
Grace received results in transformation
Grace applied produces warriors for the kingdom.

Living a holy life is the most logical response to the grace we have been given.

How bad do you want to be free?

Read John 8:36  If the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

So why are you in bondage? Why are you still hiding in your tent when there’s freedom to be won?

Grace takes us to a battle line, puts a weapon in our hand, and commissions us for warfare against a sworn enemy.

Have you forgotten your warrior calling?

There is an evil day upon us and the victory will go to those who know that this is the reason that the grace of God has been given. And to defeat the devil and all his forces is the ultimate use of God’s grace.

Is there not a cause? Is there not something greater than your comfort, your personal benefit?

You will never have a testimony until you associate with a cause beyond yourself.



Commit to the battle. Don’t lay back or roll with the punches.

There is a greater cause!

It’s time to become a giver and not a taker. God’s grace was given, not to keep you blessed, but so that you will be the blessing.

Fight the battle! You will unleash the power of God against the schemes of the devil in the day of evil.


Discussion Questions:

– What keeps you from being a warrior?
– What does stepping out in grace to become a warrior look like to you?