This past Sunday we began with an illustration of the pit ponies that lived their lives underground working in the coal mines. They would only come to the surface for a couple of weeks a year.

The pit pony is an illustration of…
– living in darkness
– being strapped to an unspeakable burden
– seldom seeing “the light at the end of the tunnel”
– being identified with what a fruitless and dark future looks like

Opening Scripture – Read Matthew 11:27-30

Today is a day of celebration! One of the miners wrote that when he would bring his pony out of the pit, at first he would look bewildered but suddenly he would just start running and whinning.

Maybe today you are feeling bewildered, but here’s the difference…
– You don’t have to go back into the pit.
– You can be free from the darkness, the burden, and the dark future.

Read Matthew 11:27-30

vs. 27 What keeps us in the pit is not knowing about the great love that God the Father has for us. The Father can only be known through the Son.

1. vs. 28 “Come to Me” Here Jesus is offering us an invitation to be in relationship with Him. Knowing the Father fulfills the promise “I will give you rest.”

Read Luke 15:17-18 “When he came to his senses, he said, ‘I will get up and go.’”
The first step is to come to Jesus.

2. vs. 29 “Take My Yoke” Jesus was a carpenter and very familiar with the making and using of a yoke for oxen. So, when He says He will make our yoke easy, He knows what He means.

First, we must go to Him.
Second, we must submit to Him.

3. vs. 29 “Learn from Me” We need to obey Him. To learn from Him means having a real relationship with Him.

There are two stages of rest that God provides:
1.  The rest that comes when we find the Father.
2.  The rest that comes when we obey the Father.



Do you feel like a pit pony?
Jesus is here for you – He is gentle, humble, and you will find rest with Him.

Come home, your Father has been waiting for you and has gifts for you!


Discussion Questions:

– What keeps you from coming home to the Father?