This Sunday, in our final message before Friendship Sunday, we talked about the second type of person in need of the Gospel. The first is the prodigal who James talked about last week, but the second is the seeker. The one with a lost dream.

Today the church is much more concerned with the temporal than the eternal.

Opening Scripture

John 4:35-38 Lift up your eyes from the temporal to the eternal. There are fields white for harvest. There are those who have had seed sown into them for years and years, and now is the time to bring about the harvest.

These people are all around you, and God is wanting to use you to bring about the harvest.

Again, the second type of person in need of the Gospel is the one who has a lost dream.

Genesis 37:5 begins the story of Joseph, not with a dungeon or Potiphar’s wife, but with a dream.

Do you have a dream, or did you have a dream that now seems like just a distant memory? We can learn a lot about dreams by looking at the life of Joseph.

3 defining seasons in Josephs life are evident. Look for these in your own life, but also in the lives of those you meet in the coming weeks.

1. Dreams are given by God
God’s dream for your life is given only by him and it is found in Ephesians 1:4, that we should be “holy and blameless before Him.”

Joseph’s dream was far-reaching, but it was given by God, not man.

2. Dungeons made by man
For 13 years, from the time he faced his first dungeon to the time his dream came to pass, Joseph lived in dungeons. Despite this, Joseph never gave up.

God uses dungeons not to crush our dreams but to refine them and mature us so that our dream will come to pass.

3. Deliverance Divinely Appointed
Finally, after years passed with Joseph being in prison and his dream not coming to pass, God delivered Joseph and fulfilled his dream exactly as it had been given to him.

God is the owner of your dream, and He will bring it to pass.


There are 2 applications to take away from this message:
1.  Have you lost your dream? God will, through the dungeons, bring it to pass.
2.  Are your eyes looking to the harvest? There are those with crushed dreams in your life. Go find them and bring about a great harvest!

Discussion Questions:
1.  What dream has the Lord given to you that you sometimes find yourself giving up on?
2.  What does your dungeon look like right now?
3.  Who is someone in your life that is a seeker? Someone who had a dream but does not realize that it was from God?
4.  What can you do this week to begin to see a harvest of souls?