This past Sunday our guest was Pastor Rick Howard. He shared a word on this second Sunday of Advent from Isaiah 9 on God being our “Wonderful Counselor.”

There are 4 names for the coming Messiah listed in Jeremiah 9:7-7:
–  Wonderful Counselor
–  Mighty God
–  Everlasting Father
–  Prince of Peace

Again, the name that was the focus on Sunday was Wonderful Counselor, and as such, we should follow Him as our only source of counsel and guidance. His plans and purposes are marvelous and what He desires for us is wonderful. It is His plans, not man’s plans, that are correct. Read the following passages to illustrate this point:
  –  Jeremiah 10:23
  –  Jeremiah 17:9
  –  Proverbs 19:20-21

We can see that we desperately need counsel, but the question is “where do you go?” The world throws at us many options for where we could go to seek counsel, yet Scripture tells us that Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor and that His plans are good for us. Nothing tells more about your character and faith than where you turn for counsel.

There were 2 main point that Rick went over when it comes to Jesus being the Wonderful Counselor:

1.  Jesus cares for you – He brings comfort and encouragement. – Ps. 73:24; 32:8; 1:1
2.  He is the Counselor of wonderful things- the word “wonderful” means “miraculous.” Here are 4 sub-point related to this idea:
a.  We must have wonder in our lives.
b.  God’s plan for our lives is to deliver us from substitutes for wonder.
c.  God’s plans for us are wonderful because they have a foundation in the revelation of Jesus Christ. Unless we have this
foundation, we have no wonder.
d.  God’s plans are marvelous because they proceed out of supernatural relationships and demand the faith of acceptance.

Proverbs 3:23 says that the Lord’s counsel is with the upright. The word “upright” does not mean a perfect person, but rather someone who has decided that God’s counsel is the right way to go. They have decided to follow His counsel rather than the world’s

Possible discussion questions:

–  What are some other places the world throws at us to seek counsel from? When was a time where you sought counsel from the wrong place?

–  Part of God’s Character is that He is wonderful, as the name Wonderful Counselor suggests. Like a little child stands in wonder of things they do not yet understand, what are some things you still stand in wonder at?

–  What are some substitutes for wonder that you need to be freed of today?