Opening Scripture

I Peter 5:6-8 “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time,”

Last Sunday was Pentecost Sunday. And Pentecost Sunday is about –

  • preaching Christ crucified and raised from the dead
  • repentance, baptism, and the power of the Holy Spirit
  • the unity of the church…establishes our fellowship, teaching, holiness

But it is also about what Peter spoke of…It is about a war that continues till Jesus returns between a defeated enemy and the church of Jesus Christ.

The admonishment of Peter is that we are to be sober soldiers – and the word is obviously chosen for a reason –
not just the opposite of drunkenness
but “sober” – “nepho” means to acknowledge the reality of God’s revealed Word and to act on that word in worship, hope, love and conflict with the enemy.

This topic is not specifically addressed to dads….but if you are a dad it will present you today with a challenge, a charge, and a choice to change –

1.  The Challenge

Wake up to the reality of an enemy at work to destroy all you hold dear – your marriage, your kids, your talents, your future.

He is “your adversary the devil, who prowled around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Have you been chewed on by the enemy?

Amos 3:4 tells us that the lion doesn’t roar without a prey. The lion roars to claim territory and to strike fear and confusion in his prey.

2.  The Charge is humility

Humble yourselves under God’s protective hands.

Have you ever been driving and forced to slam on the breaks? Did you ever reach out your hand to protect the loved one beside you? That’s the protective hand of a father.

Men, there is nothing more powerful or life altering than humility.

3. The Choice to change

And I don’t mean your change…but I mean you change the destiny of your family, your children, your grandchildren and all of your future descendants until Jesus comes!

Today we are talking about breaking generational curses.

What is a generational curse?
Judgements that are passed to individuals because of sins perpetuated in a family through a number of generations.

It could be called “the law of generations.”

Read Exodus 34:5-7

  • God doesn’t pass down sins, curses…mother’s and father’s do.
  • God keeps lovingkindness stored up for thousands.
  • He forgives sin that is confessed
  • He forgives the disgusting behaviors that amount to iniquities.
  • He is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, and generous with both loving kindness and truth.

But for the unrepentant and those who stubbornly stand against Him – their choice to serve self and satan will result in generational curses.

This is a critical issue! It is another example of God’s gift of free choice that He will not revoke and clearly demonstrates that choices have consequences. We control the choices (free will) but have little control over the circumstances that come about.

Dad, it doesn’t work to say, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Children learn by example, so parents should practice good decision making and follow though.

Now let’s look at what a generational curse looks like in the Bible.

Look up and read:
Genesis 12:10-20 – Abram
Genesis 20:2-7 – Abraham
Genesis 26:6-11 – Isaac
The lie “she is my sister” was passed down from father to son.

What does the sin passed down look like today?

Divorce                                        Fear                                Spiritual pride
Immorality                                   Anger                             Witchcraft
Depression                                 Condemnation                False religion
Independence                            Addictions                       Poverty
Rebellion                                    Idolitry

If any of these things have been a part of your life or the lives of generations past, you must break their power in the name of Jesus!

The cure…
2 Corinthians 5:17
Galatians 3:13

Breaking the Curse begins with:

  1. Forgive my trespasses. Repentance and forgiveness.
  2. Plead the blood –

              Revelations 12:11
              Illustration… The judge asks “How do you plead?” Your
              answer – “I plead the blood of Jesus!”
    3. Renounce past sins
    4. Become accountable to others
    5. Walk in the opposite spirit. This is lifestyle…it is the missing step in many believers lives today.

You are re-untangled in a sin because you refuse to change your lifestyle! See Hebrews 12:1-11.


Do you want to break those generational curses today?

Be bold for the battle!
Don’t shrink back from the roaring lion!
The Lion of Judah is on your side!