The fear of man is one of the greatest hinderances to evangelism in the church today.

The fear of man is a subtle and deceptive lie that originates in hell and is whispered in the ear of the believer by the devil. The point is exposing the enemy and seeing people delivered from evil.

It is the fear of man that drives the saints today to try to impress one another – careers, cars, houses, desire for status. The fear has driven thousand into slavery – debt!

Why is it so destructive? Because it is the root of the spiritual narcissism that has robbed the church and plundered lives.

How must this fear be conquered?

You cannot be delivered from the fear of man if the goal is simply to not be afraid.

Deliverance from the fear of man is…

  • deliverance to the will of God
  • deliverance to obedience to God’s word
  • deliverance to the battle for souls
  • deliverance to a joy filled life
  • deliverance to a mind and heart ruled by God’s word not people’s opinions

It is to be delivered from the fear of man and…

  • serve God fully
  • share His love courageously
  • do His will freely and without a fear of disapproval


Are you controlled by what people think of you?

Are you paralyzed in your walk because you are afraid of the future?

Do you make excuses for worry…as if worry is “just the way I am?’

Today is a new day! A day of freedom from the fear of man and a revelation of God’s power to change.

Opening Scripture

Proverbs 29:25 “The fear of man brings a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord will be exalted.”

The fear of man is a direct result of the original sin of Adam and Eve.

See Genesis 3:7-10

Adam wanted to please Eve – that is the fear of man!
He feared Eve’s disappointment more than he feared God.

Look at Adam’s response –

  • They sewed fig leaves and made loin coverings.
  • They hid from the presence of God.


This fear is the first response to original sin that continues to this day. We are fearful of man’s opinion and hide from God.

Fear is what the Bible calls a stronghold.

See II Cor. 10:3-5
A stronghold is a fortified dwelling used for protection against an enemy. Paul says that a demonic stronghold is any type of thinking that exalts itself above the knowledge of God. Those are the thoughts that root themselves in a person’s life.

Question for group:
What are some things that we let root into our thinking causing worry?

These thoughts are deceptions. They are truth mixed with a lie that leads to deceptive thinking.

That is why the Spirit of Truth was sent. He came to tear down the strongholds of fear and to build up the strong tower of God’s truth in your life.

This fear often goes back a long way, often all the way to childhood –
fear of failure, judgement, punishment, neglect, sickness, other people’s opinions.

If our thought life remains in agreement with the devil’s stronghold of lies, we will never be free.

But when the Son set you free, then you are free indeed!
And it doesn’t stop there.

1 Peter 5:9a “Resist the devil.”
There will be a period of fighting involved in the pulling down of these strongholds. But it all begins with repentance, prayer, and filling your minds and life with the Spirit of God.


Today is a day of deliverance from the fear of man in to the great battle for souls. You are no threat to the devil as long as you fear man and his opinions.

Today is the day to repent of our fear of man and receive the love of God that conquers all fear.

If you are hiding from God in the bushes, Come out! God loves you and desires your very best.

He wants to…

  • save you
  • deliver you from the enemy
  • set your feet in a safe place
  • give you the armor of God
  • commission you with His Word to conquer sin and win souls!

Stand up to the devil and receive God’s great grace!