A Temple of The Holy Spirit

There are many factors that combine to form a changed life. The work of the Holy Spirit, the fellowship of the saints, the disciplined study of God’s Word to name a few. But what cannot be overlooked is the divine act of change that takes place in a person’s life when they accept Jesus. At the point, that person becomes “the temple of the Holy Spirit.” They are no longer just a person but now they are a resting place, a holy habitation for the Holy Spirit of God. As such we are to clean house and keep that temple uncluttered.
Nehemiah was faced with a similar situation of a corrupted temple when he returned after 12 years to Jerusalem. Tobiah the Ammonite, the enemy of the Jews, had “moved in” to the temple. Nehemiah’s response gives us clear direction as to how to deal with the “squatters” in our own lives that want to take over the temple of the living God.