Sermon Notes

I began Sunday morning’s topic with a reference to what is not happening outside on our construction site. The steel has been delayed a total of almost two months and it is increasingly apparent what is not taking place instead of what is. In the meantime we are doing as much site preparation and “flatwork” as possible… flatwork being concrete culverts, sidewalks and the like.

What we want to see is steel beams going up in the air but we are left to wait. Progress means movement, people and the building taking shape while flatwork is unnoticed no matter how necessary.
The segue to Nehemiah is simply… I wonder if Nehemiah was feeling somewhat the same? He was interested in much more than a wall or gates into the restored city. His vision was to fulfill the destiny of the Jewish people and return them to a pure worship of God. While we are waiting 2 months for progress, Nehemiah waited seven decades.