Easter Sunday Sermon “Jesus…Our Mercy Seat”

Sunday was a wonderful day! The worship and music was wonderful. The videos were very well done and the building full of visitors. Several people came to Christ and numerous others came for prayer and the full support of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The topic for Sunday was “Jesus, Our Mercy Seat” and my hope was that this Old Testament “shadow” would be brought alive, especially to our “Gentile” minds. The Lord was so very faithful to fill the ancient world of the patriarchs with wonderful imagery and signposts that culminated at the open tomb on the first Easter morning. Everything changed when Jesus rose from the dead:
• The hope of real Peace (reconciliation) was established between God and man.
• Change (transformation) was now possible for the first time since the Garden.
• Broken lives could now be restored and made new.
• The Holy Spirit was released through the resurrection into every life that would invite Him.

Easter Sunday’s topic was one of the most powerful truths that culminated in the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. The Mercy Seat was a place that every Jew through the centuries knew about but hardly any had ever seen. It was the one place in the world that forgiveness could be realized, but only for a year. Remember that “the blood of bulls and goats” could never be a sufficient sacrifice for the sins that I have committed.