“Building People…Building Walls”

This past Sunday, I introduced a new series that James and I will be preaching over the next several months. I would encourage you, as well as your home ministries, to read the book of Nehemiah as well as pray for understanding and wisdom. It is a book of building and will serve as a template as we build back the broken walls of people’s lives.

My challenge to us all this year is to find the most broken people we know and ask God for miracles. Not only is this biblical, it is also practical. In nearly 40 years of serving God, I have never seen someone less than desperate turn from sin and follow hard after God. That is to say that until someone really knows their brokenness, they seldom reach out to God in a life altering way.

Also, I don’t know if Reverend Marvin Winan’s eulogy (Whitney Houston funeral) is youtube’d yet but it is well worth listening to. I would invest the time if you can find it!